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John Sebastian Gorumba's World in Red

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World in Red by John Sebastian Gorumba

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Bohdin Robichaux thinks he is stressed to his limit: his wife is in labor and he is stuck on a plane home to New Orleans to be with her. But while he's airbound, things get much worse. The world unravels. The plane lands, and Bohdin barely makes it out of the terminal alive.

Maurice, Bohdin's lifelong best friend, braves the madness of the maternity ward, and escapes, bloodied and battered, with his friend's newborn son clutched to his chest.


The dead have risen and are behaving... erratically. Some are mindless, ranting animals. Some are slow and stupid, while others are swift and cunning. Sometimes it's impossible to tell the living from the dead.


Banding with a handful of equally desperate survivors, Bohdin and Maurice struggle to protect the infant while encountering one horror after another. New Orleans is burning and the savage, hungry dead are everywhere. Bohdin, mortally wounded and reanimated, fights to hold onto what is left of his humanity and spare his son from his own mounting hunger. Maurice finds himself held prisoner by a deranged man as monstrous as any of the undead.


Abandon your assumptions before you open this book, because World in Red is no typical zombie novel, no comfortable Romero make-pretend. It's no survivalist fantasy; there are no determined survivors with hearts of gold, no miraculous stashes of canned beans and ammo, no Shangri-Las to be found and fortified or cures waiting in clandestine labs. Everything is crumbling and everyone you encounter is only going to hurt you.

Welcome to the real world... with zombies.

World in Red is an unflinching and unpredictable excursion into horror, a terrifying journey that honors the core of the zombie genre while gutting its conventions.

"Things get worse and keep getting worse, and worse, and worse... and then even worse, till your mouth is open in shock and you're pleading with the sadistic author (John Sebastian Gorumba) to just leave his characters be. You'll really wonder what they possibly did to him to be treated this badly. I hate to draw comparisons to Cormac McCarthy's modern classic (never fair to compare anyone to Cormac, really) but this is probably the most relentlessly bleak book I've read since The Road."

Badass Digest

"If, at the end of the first chapter, you think you know how this story is going to play out, you're wrong. If, after you finish the last page you haven't found yourself shaken to the core, check to make sure you still have a heartbeat. This is how it's done, folks. This is how you tell a horror story in the 21st century. John Sebastian Gorumba's World in Red is savagely cruel, but beneath the violence is a profound understanding of how easy it is to lose one's humanity in our modern world. I can't wait to see where Gorumba goes from here, because this guy knows how to deliver the scares, World in Red is a can't-miss debut from newcomer John Gorumba."

Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Apocalypse of the Dead

"Harrowing and unapologetically brutal, this is a hardcore zombie book for hardcore horror fans."

Blu Gilliand, October Country

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About the Author

John Gorumba puts his dementia on paper instead of the street and we thank him for it. He resides in an undisclosed location in the swamps of Louisiana with his terrified wife and children. This is his first novel.

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