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Tim Lebbon and Lindy Moore's Children of the New Disorder

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Children of the New Disorder by Tim Lebbon and Lindy Moore

  • signed edition limited to 450 numbered copies
  • bound in genuine black leather with two-color foil stamp
  • six full-page illustrations, color printed endsheets, full-color glossy signature sheet
  • 48 pages
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An age ago, the children stopped coming. The priests' promise of a curative kept the fury and misery at bay, for a time. Then the airships passed over and dropped their antidote. A delighted people drank it up like a mist of ambrosia.

Marooned and hopeless, Chaylie and her family escaped the horrors that followed, only to return to a land plagued by the tragic and the bizarre.

They appear in the night. Deformed. Mewling. Inhuman. And it's Chaylie's job to destroy them in great and blistering heaps. But the living nightmares can only be thrust aside, never defeated. And what if one of them were to survive?

Children of the New Disorder is a chilling vision, a frightening fever dream from the minds of Tim Lebbon and Lindy Moore. Paired with the unexpected voice of a pseudonymous partner, Lebbon's lauded prose becomes remarkably daring in this spellbinding tale of the horrors both around and within us.

"[Children of the New Disorder] is a tight, quick read, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in substance. With just a few broad strokes, Lebbon and Moore do an amazing job of creating a fully formed picture of a society collapsing in on itself... A winner."

Blu Gilliand, Dark Scribe Magazine

Lettered Edition

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About the Authors

Tim Lebbon

Tim Lebbon's books include the British Fantasy Award-winning Dusk and its sequel Dawn, Fallen (a Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2007), Berserk, Desolation, and the New York Times bestseller 30 Days of Night, and many others. He has won three British Fantasy Awards, as well as the Bram Stoker, Scribe, Shocker and Tombstone Awards, and has been a finalist for International Horror Guild and World Fantasy Awards. SFX Magazine declared him to be "quite simply the most exciting new name in horror for years." Learn more about him at timlebbon.net.

Lindy Moore

"Lindy Moore" is the pseudonym of an award-winning UK children's author who is not afraid to explore beyond the boundaries of that categorization (or of reality). She has won the Broadsword Fiction of the Year award and several competitions for short fiction. Reviewers have remarked upon her ability to create atmosphere and resonance while sustaining a fast-paced and exciting plot, which means her books can be enjoyed by younger readers on one level, as well as satisfying those mature enough to ask questions about the underlying issues. Her fiction is not always dark, but neither does it ignore the shadows under the bed.

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