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      Bosera Fund
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      The Service Team

      Bosera maintains a dedicated pension team working closely with support personnel to effectively provide professional, down-to-earth and forward-looking pension services.

      Investment Research – Segregated Accounts Department, Research Team, Trading Desk
      The Segregated Accounts Department, a powerhouse dedicated for pension funds, is comprised of investment management elites with a value philosophy and expertise in long-term asset management. We also own a strong research team to provide indispensable support to pension investment. Aligning the investment styles and expertise of our professionals with the pursuit of the mandates, our pension team achieved sound performance in management of pension portfolios and won wide acclaim from its clients.

      Marketing Services -- Institutional Business Division, Product Development Department
      Institutional Business Division consists of the Key Account Department and Institutional Department - Shanghai Branch, Institutional Department - South China Branch, as well as Pension Department which provides consultancy and mid-office support. Product Development Department is staffed with product originators for devising pension solutions. Abiding by our corporate culture of "Customer-oriented, dedicated to excellence, collaborative and accountable", the industrious team members are committed to offering thoughtful value-added services through customer education, internal coordination and listening to the needs of all parties, which has been well recognised by our clients.

      Operation Management -- Fund Operations, IT
      Our pension back-office consists of fund accountants responsible for settlement, accounting and auditing and reconciliation with custodians and account administrators, as well as computer engineers responsible for development and maintenance of pension investment decisions, research, risk control, audit and statement systems, to jointly ensure smooth pension investment operations.

      Quality Assurance -- Compliance & Legal, Risk Management
      Bosera has compliance officers responsible for pension operations and account monitoring, and analysts responsible for risk management and performance assessment, to ensure standardised management and efficient operations of pension investment.

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